Calling all the fans: Simple Plan wants you on their upcoming project!


First of all, we would like to thank Simple Plan, Coalition Music and the other organizers to invited us to help in one more project of the band. Now, let’s tell you why you are so important and expected for this project!

Simple Plan always had a strong connection with all their fans and once again, the band wants to show how important their fans are!

This is a very special call, we are inviting all the Astronauts, all the Simple Plan Fans, SPCrew! SIMPLE PLAN WANTS YOU ON THEIR UPCOMING OFFICIAL PROJECT!

That’s it, YOU! The band wants your story to their next project and all you have to do to participate is send your story about how the band helped you in your life or how important they are for you to the e-mail! After that, your story will be send to the responsible for the project with the band, the Coalition Music and the other organizers that are working with Simple Plan to make everything happen, specially Chuck Comeau.

In the story, you have to send these informations (





Don’t be shy, write everything that is in your heart, because your story will be read by Simple Plan too. We need your story in English.

The mission starts now, we count on you to make this amazing project happen.

We still can’t reveal the project, but we already know what it is and if everything goes well, you’ll be very happy!

Sébastien Lefebvre takes part of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Yesterday, 08/18, Chuck Comeau faced the bucket with water and ice in favor of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and defied all the members of Simple Plan to do the same thing for a good cause.

Sébastien Lefebvre was the first to accept the challenge and he already published his video. On the video, the guitarist challenged all his fans, Andee, Lights and James Valentine from Maroon 5. Check it below with a picture shared by Seb:

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Simple Plan releases a video about the facial cream Keihl’s Rocks for Kids 2014

Recently we announced here on the website that Simple Plan made a partnership with the brand of products Keihl’s to create the official facial cream of the band, in favor to the Simple Plan Foundation.

Now, the project was oficially released by the company and the guys, that recorded a video explaining everything about the product.

Firstly, Pierre revealed that on September 19th, at 8 pm, they will perform a concert with Keihl’s and every person logged on the website will donate one dollar to the SPF and after the donation, the fan will watch the concert online on the website.

After that, Jeff and Chuck explained the importance of the project and how they feel connected with the fans. Besides, the band confirms that they use the product and explains: Actually, it’s good for your skin, it’s not something just for the elderly or teens. Watch the video below!

Chuck Comeau joins the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

These last weeks, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge became a viral movement on the internet, that is involving a lot of famous of the midia, on social networks or on the music, just like Chuck Comeau, from Simple Plan!

Chuck was challenged by Marc-Édouard Vlasic, a hockey player, and of course he accepted the ice bucket challenge, which is helping to raise awareness of ALS, that is called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a degenerative disease that affects cells of the central nervous system responsible for voluntary muscle movements. Among the personalities who had the disease is the physicist Stephen Hawking.

If the person escapes from the ice challenge, they will make a donation of U$ 100 to an institution of their choice, who has focus in ALS. The principal is responsible for the challenge, read more clicking here.

The drummer already recorded his video and donated U$ 10, but while it’s not posted, Chuck released a picture of the moment on his Instagram. See it below!

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Chuck just disclosed the video of the challenge in the official Simple Plan’s channel, and he challenged all the members of the band to do it and also Avril Lavgine, Michael Bublé, Benji and Joel Madden. Watch it below!

Fan takes a picture with Chuck Comeau during Paramore’s show

Through his Twitter, Chuck Comeau commented that he was at the Paramore‘s show on the dawn of today, 08/17. A fan was also there at the event, recognized Chuck and of course he took a picture with her. About the show, the drummer congratulated Paramore for the great performance. Check the picture below:

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Michelle Treacy publishes new photos on studio with Sébastien Lefebvre and Jaren

The work of Sébastien Lefebvre and Jaren on the writing process with Michelle Treacy to the new album of the canadian singer is in rhythm quick and to keep the fans more informed about how everything is going, Michelle shared new photos on studio with Seb and Jaren and she said that they really inspire her. Check the photos below!

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Jeff Stinco will open Mimi la Nuit in the fall of 2014

ENTERTAINMENT: JUL 01 Simple Plan in Concert on Canada Day

Jeff Stinco keep investing on the business world in the city of Montreal, Canada. In an recent interview, the guitarist talked about a new project: the Mimi la Nuit on 22 St-Paul Est.

Now, on his Twitter, Jeff finally revealed when the restaurant will open! According to him, everything is programed to happen in the fall of this year and the place will be kind of a little brother of his first project, Mangiafoco.

If you want to know more, follow @Mimilanuit on Twitter.

New photos of two Simple Plan’s photoshoots

We updated our gallery with new photos of two Simple Plan‘s photoshoots from 2003 (two new photos) and 2005 (one new photo). Check them below:

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