Simple Plan keeps working on the new album

Chuck Comeau and Pierre Bouvier are working on the songwriting process of the fifth album of Simple Plan, that will be released in the beginning of 2015. Today, 28th, the band was in San Diego writing the album and through the official website of the band, Chuck shared a picture of a beach in which both were appreciating the view to inspire them to write new songs.

Jeff Stinco also talked very excited about the new album on his twitter, the guitarist said that he is gathering strength to what is coming with the next album. See the tweet below, with the picture of the beach mentioned above:


David Desrosiers plays with the band Face To Face at the Les Grandes Fetes and takes photos with the fans

On July 26th happened one more edition of the Les Grandes Fetes Festival, that had the participation of big bands like The Hunters, Face To Face and Weezer. And it wasn’t just this! The crowd that was there last night had the opportunity to watch a performance of the band Face To Face beside David Desrosiers, Simple Plan‘s bassist, who was invited by the band to share the stage with them once more.

Until the moment, there is no video of David with the guys on stage, but some fans had the chance to meet him at the event and he accepted the request of taking some pictures. Check them out:

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Picture: Pierre Bouvier with a fan on July 25th

While Pierre was walking in his city on July 25th, on his way home, a fan was lucky enough to find Pierre Bouvier. Aparently, the fan tought Pierre a way to go somewhere and Pierre, of course, had to take a picture with the fan, who has been listening to Simple Plan since he was young. Check out below a picture of them together!

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Jeff Stinco talks about his trips to

In a recent interview to the canadian portal, the guitarrist of the band, Jeff Stinco, talked about his best trips and how he usually has some fun on holidays. Read the full interview translated below:

Traveling with Jeff Stinco of Simple Plan
Original French article by David Nathan –

Are you a frequent traveler?
I love traveling, I travel a lot, but I would not say I’m a great traveler, I just don’t have it in my blood. And furthermore, I have a very bad sense of direction. Once I got totally lost while walking in a city in the United States. I put the correct city name in the GPS, but … not the correct state! We played two hours late that evening.

Where have you travelled?
After high school, I went to Europe for three months with a friend. It was an incredible journey, and I will always remember the Ray Charles concert in Carcassonne, France. I read a lot of novels when I was a teenager, including novels that took place in Europe, so after that I took this trip to Spain, Belgium, Italy, and I saw the same scenery as the characters in those books I read. Literature became reality.

Do you get to travel besides touring?
I do it once per year. My next trip should be Tunisia. My father is of Italian descent, but was born in Tunisia and I would love to go there to see where he was born, where he grew up.

Where else would you like to travel? 
I dream of visiting Machu Picchu, but I’d like to get there by doing a multi-day hike. I like challenges and having to climb to deserve this incredible site is an idea that I really like. I am always appreciative of the people who pass the Camino de Santiago for example. That is an adventure.

Are you rather lazy on your holidays or hyperactive?
I can be lazy for two or three days, but that’s the maximum. Then I need to move, do something special, something different from what I usually do. It can be a hike, bike, whatever, but I like to move and paradoxically, it is very relaxing for the mind to do something different!

A memory of unpleasant trip? 
My trip to Japan was not unpleasant, but I must admit that it was a real culture shock, a change of scenery which had its bad sides. It was very noisy, I had no references at all, at the time the subway stations were not yet translated into English. There was a very oppressive side, but at the same time, it was fascinating. At 4am in downtown Tokyo there are a lot of people in the streets!

You’re the type to photograph your travels?
Yes, I have a camera that I carry with me. Otherwise when I jog, I use my cell phone to take pictures. One of my fondest memories was in South Africa, when we opened for Metallica. There were only three shows in a week, so we had some time to discover the country. I remember the safari was absolutely amazing.


Photoshoot of Simple Plan by Craig Robertson in HQ

In 2011, the photographer Craig Robertson had the opportunity of performing a session of pictures with Simple Plan. Some pictures were already disclosed, but now, we are bringing the photos in high quality. Check it below and enjoy:

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Simple Plan on a Recap about the Vans Warped Tour 2013

In 2013, Simple Plan was participating of the Vans Warped Tour, in Australia, where the band performed a show out of the tour of the festival as well, that happened in the city Perth. Earlier today was released a recap about the festival made by and Simple Plan is present between the bands interviewed.

On the Recap, Pierre Bouvier says that one of the best parts of play in Australia is escape a little from the winter in Canada and Chuck Comeau talks about how the festival works, bringing young bands and really involving the public with the bands. Besides, during the recap, we can check scenes of the guys in the festival. Watch it below:

Idobi reveals pictures in high quality of Chuck Comeau on the Red Carpet of APMAS

Like we posted before, Chuck Comeau was performing interviews on the Red Carpet of the Alternative Press Music Awards to Idobi Radio. Now, the website of the radio was updated, bringing a lot of pictures of Chuck in the event in a great quality. In the pictures, we can see Chuck besides Josh Madden, Brian Dales, Gunz and some celebrities that were on the local. Check it:

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First pictures of Jeff Stinco at À couteaux tirés!

On July 21th, Jeff Stinco was participating of the À couteaux tirés, a TV show about culinary of the chef Chuck Hughes. Besides Jeff, another star of the world music very known in Canada was also present: Marie-Mai, that collaborated with Simple Plan in tours and in the song ‘Jet Lag’.

Both stars of the world music were part of the audience and they judged the dishes of the chefs that were competing yesterday night.

The chefs Marie-Fleur St-Pierre (Tapeo’s chef) and Perreault (Chez Lionel’s chef) had just 60 minutes to prepare the dishes with three ingredients to impress the guests: Jeff and Marie-Mai.

About St-Pierre dish, Jeff said: ‘The battered is not salty enough’. But to know who won and watch the whole tv show, you have to wait until it will be published on the Internet. While you wait, check below the first pictures of Jeff on the tv show!

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