Simple Plan talks about collaboration with 5 Seconds Of Summer


The Simple Plan‘s new album is close to finish the recording process and with it, more rumors about a possible participation of the band 5 Seconds Of Summer on the new album started to spread.

In February this year, Chuck Comeau and Pierre Bouvier spent a few days in the studio with 5SOS, composing with Callum and Michael. Since then, no news about the collaboration between the bands was published until the day 04/14, when in one of the replies of the official band profile, @SimplePlan said “you never know” when a fan commented about the possibility of 5SOS on the new album of Simple Plan.

Remember that there is still no official confirmation of the participation of the band on the new album of Simple Plan – or who will actually release a song in which they both wrote together.

David Desrosiers and Chelsea Middlebrook in motorcycle’s ride

Yesterday, 04/12, David Desrosiers took the day to drive his Triumphs in California with his friend Chelsea Middlebrook. A photo of the ride was released on the Instagram of the motorcycle’s brand (Triumphs) which they were both driving. Check it out:

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Jeff Stinco at CHIC Magazine!

The new edition of CHIC Magazine is now available and in it we can read a new interview of Jeff Stinco, with a new and beautiful photoshoot. On the article, the guitarist talks about the band, family, his business and the Simple Plan Foundation. Check the whole interview clicking here and the photos on our gallery!


Update of the progress board of the new album

Again Jeff Stinco shared with the fans a picture of the progress board with the information about the recording process and mixing of the new Simple Plan album. This time we can see how the band is being really fast. Check the picture below:


PHOTO: Simple Plan and Marko Desantis (Sugarcult)

Through a new photo posted on his Instagram, Pierre Bouvier informed the fans that the band was with one of their old friends: Marko Desantis, of the band Sugarcult. Besides Simple Plan, the photographer of the guys, Chady Awad, was also present. Check the photo below:


New photos of the recording of the new Simple Plan’s album

And the work keeps going! Really focused on recording the new album, Simple Plan is still in the studio and of course, new images of the guys were disclosed. Check them in our gallery:

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Simple Plan at a vegan restaurant

As some of you may know, David Desrosiers is currently vegan and to show his bandmates Chuck Comeau and Pierre Bouvier new vegan dishes, the bassist took the guys to Gracias Madre, restaurant located in West Hollywood, LA. Check the photos below:

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Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau perform spontaneous song in a new vlog

The 8th vlog about the recording of the new album of Simple Plan was released and in this new vlog, Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau decided to tell the news to their fans through a spontaneous song. Watch the video below: