Simple Plan Foudation Event: Band presents new song “Boom” and more!

The November 23th will be forever inside the heart of Simple Plan fans, because the anual event of the Simple Plan Foundation brought a great surprise to all of us! Despite the delay to release the new album, which is due to the beginning of 2015, the guys played today a new song called “Boom”, that is going to be part of the 5th album.

That being released, the fans will be able to be a little less anxious to know how the new songs are going to be. Also, the Foundation’s event received Marie-Mai as guest, which let the night even more special.

This year the Simple Plan Foundation raised 300.000 $ to many charity groups that work to help young needed people. Since its beggining, the SP Foundation donated more than 1.5 million dollars.

The CTV Montreal was also in the event and one more time talked about the work the Foudation does, and how it changes people’s life. On the matter, we can see the whole Bouvier family together, talking about Jay, Pierre’s brother, who had cancer.

Check out below the first images of the event, the matter of CTV Montreal and the new song!

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Videos of the performances of “The Rest Of Us” and “Time To Say Goodbye” at CN Canadiens Alumni Challenge

After a whole day waiting anxiously, finally everyone can watch the videos of the performances of “The Rest Of Us” and “Time To Say Goodbye” at the CN Canadiens Alumni Challenge on November 22nd in Montreal, during a small acoustic show to the event.

Besides, also we can celebrate the donation of U$ 50.000 that the Simple Plan Foundation received from CN Charitable Foundation. Check the videos below!

Setlist and first images of Simple Plan at CN Canadiens Alumni Challenge

Today, November 22nd, Simple Plan participated of the CN Canadiens Alumni Challenge, doing an acoustic performance at the place. Besides, Chuck and Pierre were participating as guests of the charity hockey game in favor of the Simple Plan Foundation. The fans that were present in the event had a great opportunity, because the band decided to perform a very different setlist from what everybody is used to!

They included the song “Time To Say Goodbye” and also the single “The Rest Of Us”, which was played for the first time since release of the EP “Get Your Heart On: The Second Coming!”.

Below you can check the first images of the soundcheck, show, backstage, the game and the complete setlist!

1. Welcome To My Life
2. Time To Say Goodbye
3. Jet Lag
4. The Rest Of Us
5. Summer Paradise
6. I’d Do Anything

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CTV Montreal interviews Simple Plan after receiving the Peace Medal

Yesterday, November 21st, Simple Plan received the Peace Medal due to their efforts through the Simple Plan Foundation to help to improve the society. The CTV Montreal released a video of an interview made with the band after they had received this awesome award. In the interview, Jeff Stinco says one more time that he feels like their fans are their bosses, but at the Foundation, they are partners, working together to raise funds to improve the life of those who need. Check the interview below:

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Chuck Comeau shows bass of Mark Hoppus that will be in the Simple Plan Foundation auction

This Sunday, 23rd, will happen the annual event of the Simple Plan Foundation and through his Instagram, Chuck Comeau showed the fans a new item of the auction: the bass of Mark Hoppus autographed by himself! Check the photo below:

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Simple Plan receives the Peace Medal in 2014 by YMCA of Quebec!

Today, November 21st, Simple Plan finally received the Peace Medal 2014 given by YMCA of Quebec, in Hyatt Regency, in Montreal. The band was honored with the award due to their efforts to improve society to improve society through the Simple Plan Foundation, work that has been done by the band since 2005. The first images of the band receiving this wonderful award and doing a show at the place are in our gallery. Check them out!

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New photos of Chuck Comeau on Michael Clifford’s Birthday

New pictures of Chuck Comeau on the birthday of Michael Clifford, from the band 5 Seconds Of Summer, were published. In the pictures you can see him beside Michael, celebrating his 20 and also with Frank Borin and Ashton Irwin. Check them out in our gallery!

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Photo: Jeff Stinco checks the arrival of the first “West Shefford Beer”

The first beers “West Sheffor Beer”, of the brand West Shefford, are availaible on the next week in Quebec, Canada. And of course, as a business partner, Jeff Stinco went in person to check the arrival of the first shipment of beers. Check out a photo of the guitar player on the spot, below!

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