New concerts revealed for the Simple Plan tour in 2015

Simple Plan Live at ANTV 20th Anniversary Viva La Vida 2013 Photo by Achmad Hafiyyan Faza

Two new concerts were revealed for the new Simple Plan tour. The band will perform in July and the first concert will happen in Sherbrooke, QC, Canada. The second one will happen in Lévis, QC, also in Canada. Check the dates and places below:

17/07/2015 – La Fête du Lac des Nations – Sherbrooke, QC
29/07/2015 – Festivent

Simple Plan begins the mixing of the new album

It’s getting closer to the fans finally listen to the 5th album of Simple Plan! For the happiness of all the fans, the guys began to mix the tracks that will be part of the new project.

Chris Lord-Alge is responsible of this part of the project. Chris worked with the guys previously, in the albums “Simple Plan” and “Get Your Heart On!”. Some photos of Simple Plan during the mixing process were published. Check them out:

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Simple Plan invites fans to the Frequency Festival

Simple Plan will play at the Frequency Festival, in the city of St Pollen, Austria, in August 21st, and to let the fans more anxious, the guys recorded a video to invite everyone to the concert. Watch it below:

Jeff Stinco publishes preview of the guitar notes of a new song

Through his Instagram, Jeff Stinco published a video where he shows some guitar notes that will be part of one of the new songs. Watch it below:

Simple Plan will play at Rock in Roma – Italy

Simple Plan will play in Italy this year. The band will be playing at Rock in Roma, giving support to Linkin Park. The concerts will take place in the cities of Treviso (09/05) and Roma (09/06).

For more informations, click here. Check below the promotional flyer of the event:


New album almost done!

According to Jeff Stinco, the new Simple Plan album is almost done! The guitarist shared another picture of the progress board and the great news is that all the vocals that were missing were already recorded.

In total, the guys are working on 15 songs, but the new album might have just 11 or 12 songs, as commented lately by Chuck Comeau in interviews. Check the picture published by Jeff below:


Simple Plan publishes new vlog in Studio

Simple Plan published today, 05/12, another vlog in studio. This time, Jeff Stinco and Chuck Comeau explained to the fans the reason why the new album is not finished yet. According to the guys, Pierre Bouvier found a new passion in the music world. To understand it, check the video below!

On the Instagram of the band, they also published some bloopers. Check it out:

Happy Bday Pierre Bouvier!

Today the vocalist of Simple Plan, Pierre Bouvier, is celebrating his 36th birthday. Ex member of the band Reset, he is the composer of the band and he plays a lot of instruments like guitar, bass, piano and drums. Our team wishes him happiness, peace, health and love. Happy birthday to the talented Pierre!