Simple Plan creates official profile of the band on Instagram

After Jeff Stinco, Sébastien Lefebvre, Chuck Comeau and Pierre Bouvier created their accounts on Instagram, today (01/22), the band created an official profile to all of them on the social network.

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Below you can check the first picture posted by the guys on their new profile:

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Chuck Comeau at the event 818 Drummers Lunch

On January 19th, Chuck Comeau was present at 818 Drummers Lunch, where more than 40 drummers had a special lunch in Los Angeles.

Drummers of the band such as Falling in Reverse and Good Charlotte were also present. Below you can check the first pictures released!


New video of Pierre Bouvier skateboarding and more

Through his Instagram, Pierre Bouvier released two new videos. The first one, the singer is playing ping pong with Chuck Comeau and he makes a joke saying this is the reason why the new album is not done yet. Check it out:

On the second video, Pierre shared with his fans one of his tricks with his skate. Check it out below:

Old dog, same tricks #skateordie

Une vidéo publiée par Pierre Bouvier (@pierrebouvier) le

New photoshoot of Jeff Stinco!

A new photoshoot of the guitarist Jeff Stinco was released by La Presse. The photoshoot was made this month and it was used to promote the article about the distribution of the beers of West Shefford. Check it out:


New Simple Plan’s songs will talk about social issues


To cheer the day up, news about Simple Plan‘s 5th album! Through an article about the band on Samaritanmag’s website, it was revealed the guys are working on songs which will talk about social issues on their new album.

The information was given by Chuck Comeau. Check it out the two most relevant parts below or click here to read the full article!

“Boom is a fun song about long-lasting love.”

“We are still writing songs for the new album and we have a few so far that address some social issues.”

News about the song-writing process of the Simple Plan’s 5th album

Yesterday was really productive to Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau. They both spent 12 hours writing new songs to the 5th album of the band that will be recorded in this month.

To let the fans know all the process, the guys released some pictures of how was the day at the studio, which is located at Pierre’s house, and also a video of Pierre saying he was very excited. Check it out below!

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12 hours of writing and producing music makes my brain feel mushy

Un vídeo publicado por Pierre Bouvier (@pierrebouvier) el

Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau are working on the 5th album of the band again

After a little break to celebrate Christmas with their families, Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau are in studio again! Some days ago, the duo of songwriters of Simple Plan are using these days trying to compose more songs before going officially to the studio with the rest of the band (we believe this month all the band will start the recording process of the new album together).

Through his Instagram, Chuck shared a picture of the song-writing session. Check it out:

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New pictures of Simple Plan receiving the Peace Medal 2014

As many of you should remember, Simple Plan received the Peace Medal 2014 from YMCA Quebec, in November. Proud because of the prize received thanks to their actions through Simple Plan Foundation, the band updated its official site with a new post to celebrate the prize and thanks the huge honor of receiving it.

On the post, new pictures in HQ were published, including some unpublished pictures of the backstage of the award ceremony. Check them in our gallery!

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