Welcome to the world, London Alexander Comeau!

Born on July 1st, at 9:56 am, the first son of Chuck Comeau, drummer of the band Simple Plan. The child was named London Alexander Comeau and he is the first boy among the children of the band’s members. Check out the first photo of London Alexander with his mother, Chuck’s wife, Jacquelin Napal!


Jeff Stinco talks about exploring the sound of Simple Plan on the new album

Recently, Simple Plan took part at the FIFA Women’s World Cup Trophy Tour sponsored by Coca-Cola. After the event, during one of his weekends in Montreal with his family, Jeff Stinco gave an interview to City Life Magazine and talked about the expectations of the new album. Below you can read the most important parts and check out the new photos released by the website!


Q. This upcoming album is your first in about four years. What can fans expect from this new album?

A. “We put a lot of thought into that, because there’s that balance between keeping your legacy, keeping what people know you from, and we’re very conscious of that. We want to make sure that we don’t pull a one-eighty on our fans. So the energy, the melodic aspect of what we’ve done on the first few records, it’s still present. But at the same time, on the last record, we kind of allowed ourselves to push the boundaries of what we even limit ourselves to with as far as what the Simple Plan sound is. So there are songs that are pretty surprising, even coming from us. There are a lot of different instruments, a lot of different ideas that came in. But I think we managed to keep our identity. There’s nothing worse than a band that you hear on the radio and you’re like, ‘Why are they doing that? It’s not them.’ So I think we’ve achieved that idea of doing something new, just pushing, again, the envelope of what Simple Plan can be, but at the same time maintaining our identity. So, yes, simply put I think there’s a lot of what Simple Plan was all about — the rocking, fun, fast songs. But at the same time there’s depth and there’s different influences that are creeping in as we’re listening to new music.”

Q. It’s interesting how you say you don’t want to throw your fans a curveball, and yet a huge band like Mumford & Sons recently released an album that came completely out of left field sound-wise. What are your thoughts on that?
A. “When I first heard the song [Believe] on the radio, I was like, ‘Who’s that?’ It took me a while before the voice of the singer gave it away, before I could figure out that it was Mumford & Sons. I just thought it was a sick song. That’s where it starts for me. I started thinking about it, and I’m like, wow, that’s surprising, coming from a band that, I don’t know if they created a sound, but they brought a sound back and they were like the biggest presence in that world, I would think. It surprised me a lot.

But then I started thinking, the two last records they put out are probably some of the best songs of that genre. How can you repeat that? How can you make it better? Can you do it again? AC/DC’s done it for years. Some records are better than others and that’s just the nature of the game. But I don’t blame bands for trying new things and challenge what the essence of it is. I always knew those guys were great players and they could probably play a lot of instruments, and that’s precisely what they’re doing. They’re coming out of their comfort zone, trying some new things. I think it’s neat.

To bring it back to my band, there’s that spirit too. We think we wrote the best pop-punk record we could have written when we were doing album one and album two. But — it’s kind of funny, every time you do an interview and it’s a new record, every band says the same thing: ‘It’s our best record yet.’ Well, you really think so when you put it out, and you have to have some integrity and say, ‘Alright, it was the best pop-punk record that I could do at the time, and now what can I do different?’ Try to beat it? Well, maybe. You could probably try to do that on a couple songs, two, three, four songs. But after that, how can you stretch it further? And my band’s always been about that concept: what is Simple Plan and how far can we take it outside of its expected limits?”

Simple Plan will release the 5th album in September – new song soon


More news about the new album of the band Simple Plan spread over the Internet since the release of the new song ‘Saturday’. In this new interview with Pierre Bouvier by CreativeDisc, from Indonesia, new details were revealed about the releasing of the album. Read the interview below!

CD: Hello, Pierre! I’m Jeni from CreativeDisc.com
Pierre: Hi, Jeni!

CD: How are you today?
Pierre: Today is very remarkable for me. How are you?

CD: I’m doing great! I am happy to talk to you. Pierre, do you miss the Indonesian cuisine?
Pierre: Umm, I’ve tried some Indonesian cuisine. It’s tasty!

CD: Yes, the last time when you visited Indonesia, you said you liked “jengkol”. Do you still like it?
Pierre: Yes! I like it. I will definitely ask for it again if we go to Indonesia later.

CD: What is progress on the new album Simple Plan at this time?
Pierre: We are currently in the process of mixing. To be honest, I think this is the best album we’ve ever made. We’ve been working hard on it for almost 2 years, so I am proud because cause this will be a very cool album. It’s possible that next week we will release a new song again.

CD: Is there a new concept on this 5th album?
Pierre: Of course! Every song on it is a new concept. About 11-12 songs, each with a new concept.

CD: Do you plan to collaborate with other musicians?
Pierre: Yes, it looks like we will collaborate with several musicians. It has not been revealed yet, but it will be surprise collaborations and it’s going to cool.

CD: Can you tell us who it is?
Pierre: I’d love to, but I can’t. It has not been officially confirmed yet and it’s a very confidential information. But it will be a big surprise of the album.

CD: Speaking of the tour, is there a possibility you will play a concert in Indonesia again?
Pierre: Of course! Not only possible, but SURE.

CD: Wow, I’m glad to hear that! Is it going to be this year or next year?
Pierre: Because our album will be released in September 2015, I think we will come to Indonesia at the beginning of next year.

CD: Okay, Pierre. Thank you for taking the time, I was very happy to talk to you. We would very much look forward to a Simple Plan concert in Indonesia.
Pierre: You’re welcome. Thank you. Bye.

Listen to Saturday – New song of Simple Plan!

Today, June 22nd, Simple Plan launched their new song of the new album. The song was titled “Saturday” and you can hear it on the band’s official channel on YouTube. The song seems to be one of the tracks that were influenced by the 70th and 80th decades, and if you want to buy the song, you can do it on iTunes or Google Play. Listen to the song below!


Ticking like a time-bomb, Waiting for the weekend
(Saturday night, Saturday night)
People throw their hands up, Higher than the ceiling
(Saturday night, Saturday night)

I can see the line up,
Running round the whole block
(Saturday night, Saturday night)
Coming through the window,
I can hear the bass drop
(Saturday night, Saturday night)

We don’t have to go,
We can stay right here.

We can go get drunk, staying up all night
Singing ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ till the morning light
We can line up shots till it all goes bad
And we’re passed out and puking in a taxi cab.

When your lying here by my side, nowhere else feels right.
I’d rather be alone with you on Saturday night


This is gonna be a night so epic
(Saturday night, Saturday night)
You and me baby nothing but Netflix
(Saturday night, Saturday night)
We don’t have to go,
We can stay right here.

We can go get drunk, staying up all night
Singing ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ till the morning light
We can line up shots till it all goes bad
And we’re passed out and puking in a taxi cab.

When your lying here by my side, nowhere else feels right
I’d rather be alone with you on Saturday night
(Saturday night, Saturday night)

If we ever get bored, if we get restless
(Saturday night, Saturday night)
We can get dressed up, let’s get epic

We can go get drunk, staying up all night
Singing ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ till the morning light
We can line up shots till it all goes bad
And we’re passed out and puking in a taxi cab.

We’ll stop at every bar on the boulevard
Till we’ve maxed out the limits on our credit cards.
Cuz when I got you here by my side
Everything feels right,
As long as it’s me and you on Saturday night

Lyric: SPCZ

Simple Plan will release new song next week!


That’s it! On 06/17, Sébastien Lefebvre released an information for all the fans besides Patrick Langlois during the radio show Man Of The Hour, hosted by them.

The information left the fans very anxious, however, we don’t know if this song will be the first single from the new album of Simple Plan.

To check out the new song, you should listen to Man Of The Hour on Wednesday, on June 24th, at 8PM (Montreal) on Idobi Radio! Don’t miss it!

Chuck Comeau at the launching of “Realfake”

On June 13th, Chuck Comeau attended the launch of “Realfake” new solo art show of the artist CANTSTOPGOODBOY. The works of the artist were exhibited at the Gallery Art Angels, which is co-owned by Chuck’s wife, Jacquelin. Check out the photos below:

11372397_398761093660662_409851274_n 11373724_940983559256639_1471639297_n

David Desrosiers in campaign against slaughterhouses in Montreal

Yesterday, June 13th, the bassist of the band, David Desrosiers, attended the march against slaughterhouses in Montreal, the goal of the campaign is to close the slaughterhouses of the city, keeping the animal welfare. Some photos of David at the protest have been released and you can see them in our gallery!

11539192_901574746565851_7497346144425776682_o 11406174_901575069899152_8330006442000647188_o

Photos by Kara.

David Desrosiers will be present in a campaign against slaughterhouses

The bass player of the band, David Desrosiers, will be present in a campaign against slaughterhouses in Montreal, Canada, on June 13th.

The campaign will happen on the streets of the city and if you want to meet David and take part of this good cause, you should go to St-Louis street, Mtl, at 1PM – local time.

David already appeared in another protest like this. Check the video below: