LouLou Magazine discloses interview with Jeff, Sébastien and David about Kiehl’s and more

The LouLou Magazine talked with Jeff Stinco, Sébastien Lefebvre and David Desrosiers during Kiehl’s event to promote the launching of the cream with Simple Plan, in Toronto. On the interview with the guys, they talked about the partnership with Kiehl’s, about the Simple Plan Foundation and the best places in Montreal. Check a promotional picture released on the website in HQ and a new photo, besides the whole interview!

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We sat down with Simple Plan (yes, the Montreal rock band that we’ve loved since the early 2000′s) to chat about their new collaboration with Kiehl’s, Kiehl’s Rocks for Kids. This amazing initiative supports the Simple Plan Foundation, which helps children and youth in need.

Kiehl’s has partnered with Simple Plan to create Kiehl’s Rocks for Kids, a charitable collab to raise funds and awareness for the Simple Plan Foundation and help children and youth in need. We had the chance to chat with Jeff, David and Sebastien about the partnership, about trends and about all things Montreal!

Can you tell us a little bit about the Simple Plan Foundation and what it means to you guys?

JS: Well, the foundation started out with us hearing from fans (through letters or talking to them backstage) about the problems they were faced with. We felt helpless that we couldn’t really do anything about these problems. We were doing other foundation work at the time, but the money in some instances did not go directly to the causes we were supporting. Basically we decided to do it on our own and we put every penny raised into the organization that we’re helping. We try to aim for organizations that aren’t necessarily as visible in the media, or as glamorous. It’s not very sexy to deal with causes that deal with dependency, sexual identity, homelessness…

SL: There’s 3 ways that Kiehl’s is giving back. First, they’re donating 100% of the Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream profits to the Foundation. They will also donate $1 for every transaction on September 12-14, 2014. And finally we’re hosting a free acoustic performance in Toronto on September 19th that will be live-streamed. For each view, Kiehl’s is donating $1.

Can you share any fashion or beauty tips of your own?

JS: I like the fact that nowadays, it’s all about a little scruff… it prevents me from having to shave everyday! You also need good shoes in life… that’s very important.

SL: I think you have to do something that works for you. There are a lot of trends going on, and there are people who follow those trends, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. It’s about being confident with your own style.

Can you share with us some of your fave hot spots in Montreal?

JS: In the last few years I’ve seen a boom in the restaurant scene and the bar scene… it’s amazing! Mangiafoco is one of my restaurants in Old Montreal, it’s a designer pizzeria. Also Lorea on Laurier, it’s super nice and has a beautiful setting.

DD: If you want to have a cool and a little bit more hip setting, go to the bar next to Lorea… you’ll most likely see me there!

JS: I’m going to give you the scoop… the best place to eat for lunch in Montreal is called Juicy Dumplings. It’s amazing, one of the best kept secrets in Montreal!

Kiehl’s Rocks for Kids partnership with Simple Plan launches in Canada on September 2014 and aims to raise $40,000 for the Simple Plan Foundation. To read more about this amazing project click here.

Chuck Comeau takes picture with Gareth Emery

On 08/30, Chuck Comeau watched a concert of the british DJ, Gareth Emery, at Made In America Festival, in Los Angeles. Before the show, Chuck had the opportunity to meet him in the backstage, and they took a picture together. Check it out below!


Jeff Stinco will take part of Bières et Saveurs beer


On the next 1st, Jeff Stinco will take part of the Biéres et Saveurs beer. The event is an exhibition of beers and it will happen in Chambly, Quebec, Canada. And if you’ll be there, it’s worth going to the event!

The guitarist will be answering some questions in the tent of number 17, “Les Brasseurs de West Shefford”, from 1pm to 3pm.

If you need more information, click here.

Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau took a selfie to celebrate David Desrosiers’s birthday

On the last 29th, it was David’s birthday. As Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau are in California working on the new album of the band, they took a selfie to celebrate David‘s birthday and they also wished happy birthday to the bassist. Check the photo below:



Simple Plan will be honored with a award on Teenzfac Awards 2014

We have great news to all the fans now: Simple Plan will be honored with a award on Teenzfav Awards 2014!

The award is still unknown, but it was already disclosed that this year the event will be hosted by 3OH!3 (that have been recently in studio with Pierre and Chuck).

The event is known as the ‘Canadian version of Teen Choice Awards’ and its last edition was in Toronto, ON. To announce the guys as one of the participants, they released a video a month ago, in which they used an unkown version of “This Song Saved My Life”. Check it out!


Chuck Comeau celebrates the success of the campaign “The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute”


On Twitter, the drummer of the band, Chuck Comeau, showed his happiness with the success of the campaign “The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute”, which had its profits donated to Tony’s Foundation and it will help his daughters in the future too.

If you don’t remember, Simple Plan participated of the album recording a cover of the song “Justified Black Eye”, and with the sales, the campaign collected $100.000.

Besides Simple Plan, other bands like NOFX and Bad Religion recorded versions to the project too.

Pierre Bouvier records new vocals for the demos of the new Simple Plan album

The work of Chuck Comeau and Pierre Bouvier on demos to the new album of Simple Plan goes on. Yesterday, they were at Pierre’s home studio to record new vocals for the demos. September is coming and all the members of the band will be in the studio to improve the demos, until they are ready to be released.

On Instagram, Chuck disclosed a picture of the session last night. See it:

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Happy BDay David Desrosiers!


Today is the birthday of David Desrosiers, bassist and backing vocals on the band Simple Plan, he celebrates 34 years old. One of the old members of Reset, David was the last to join the band, completing the formation that today is the original.

According to his band mates, David was the missing part to start the career as musicians, in their opinion, David is the most funny and crazy member of the band and he is always late. Besides bassist, he also plays drums and guitar. To the talented and beloved bassist, David, we wish all the success and that he reaches all he wants.

Happy birthday, David Desrosiers!