Pierre Bouvier plays “Lucky One” on the piano

In his Instagram, Pierre Bouvier published a video of him playing “Lucky One” on the piano, while he was practicing his voice. Check the video below:


Sunday practicing. This song sounds cool on piano! #luckyone

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Pierre Bouvier shares new picture of his daughter

Last night, October 18th, Pierre Bouvier decided to share another cute moment of one of his daughters with all the fans: he posted a photo of his older daughter, Lennon Rose, while she was painting, maybe to become the next Picasso. Check the photo below:

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Adam Elmakias talks about the possibility of photographing Simple Plan

The famous photographer Adam Elmakias recently said through a Hangout about the possibility of making a photoshoot with Simple Plan.

During the Hangout held in October 17th, he said the bumped into the band in the day before and that he could photograph the band soon. Check the video below:


Simple Plan finishes new songs for the 5th album

Good news! The last week had productive days to the new album of Simple Plan. According to Pierre Bouvier, they finished new songs, he defined as “sick” and also added that this album will slay. Check the selfie below posted by the singer and its subtitle:

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“Good morning! Had a great week finishing up some sick songs! This album will slay. Have a good weekend y’all!”

Simple Plan and Marie Mai will be together on the next benefit event of SPF

The official website of Simple Plan was updated with the official informations about the next benefit event in favor of Simple Plan Foundation! This year, the event will have the special participation of Marie Mai and it will happen on November 23rd, at Virgin Mobile Corona Theatre.

The fans present will watch a concert, take pictures with the band and get signs. The ticket are on sale at $60.

But if you want to contribute even more, there are tickets at $125, in which the fans have a pre show VIP cocktail and an exclusive meeting with the band.

To have more informations about where you can buy your ticket and more, click here.

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New picture of Pierre Bouvier at studio

Through his Instagram, Chuck Comeau released a new picture of Pierre Bouvier working on Simple Plan’s new album, without release date yet. As it seems, the band is still writing songs and working only on demos, without proceeding to the recording with all together in studio. Check the photo below:

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Picture of Aol Sessions Promo Shoot in HQ and wihout tags

We updated our gallery with a picture of Simple Plan from the Aol Sessions Promo Shoot- Pamela Littky in HQ and without tags. The picture was released before, but in a bad quality and with tags. Check it below:

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Pierre Bouvier publishes a video with his daughter

Through his Instagram, Pierre Bouvier published a super cool video with his older daughter, Lennon Rose. On the video, they come down in a huge inflatable slide. Check it below!


Inflatable slide. #pumpkinpatch #slowmoisawesome

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